Made in the USA

Made in the USA vs. Made and Sourced in the USA

What’s the difference?

A “Made in the USA” claim on pet products has the power to influence potential buyers. But it’s important to know how to read labels to know exactly what that claim means. “Made in the USA” means that the product itself was physically made in the US, but it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that all parts of the product originate from the US as well. An American flag on the front of a product could be met with a claim on the back stating “Made in the USA with globally sourced ingredients.” To some pet parents this is enough but for others, they expect the product to be made and sourced from the USA. It’s important to know this difference to make the best choices for you and your pet.

Why “Made in the USA”?

In more recent years pet parents have become more and more concerned about where the products they give their pets are coming from. Most pet owners assume that something made in the USA is safer and healthier than those made in other countries. And for the most part, this tends to be true, due to the laws and regulations of pet food manufacturing. This is not to say that all products not made in the USA are bad – it just gives pet parents more peace of mind that what they’re giving has been made according to regulation.

Chewboxa and Made in the USA

At Chewboxa we’ve done the work to ensure that all of the products included in our boxes are both made and sourced in the USA. We want pet parents to feel confident that when they subscribe to Chewboxa they know they’re providing their pets with quality treats and chews that we know they will love.